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Mortgage Amortization Calculator


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How to use this calculator:

1) Enter the initial amount of your mortgage.
2) Select the currency you want the results to be shown.
3) Select the mortgage term in the dropdown menu.
4) Select the mortgage payments frequency in the dropdown menu.
5) Enter the Interest Rate of your mortgage (APR).


In the language of banking, the amortization for mortgages, loans or other forms of financing represents an installment payment program, to share a fixed or variable, which would reduce or extinguish a debt. In Italy, the amortization schedule used is that 'French', which provides equal installments beginning to end, the sum of share capital and a portion of interest that vary during the debt repayment: The higher the capital is being paid less than the amount of interest accrued. This is because the rate nteressie of funding is applied to the outstanding debt for which the first installment will feature a share interest quite high while the last will significantly increase the share capital of the credit. Draw up a repayment plan is very useful to know in detail the various units of money you will pay and at the same time, to partition their financial resources nela most appropriate way.
This calculator allows you to prepare a detailed amortization schedule, returning a table with share capital share interest, repayment of capital, interest and repaid the outstanding debt for each tranche of funding. The data included in the calculation are:

  • Funded Capital: of the loan to finance net of any expenses or routine ininziale
  • Duration of loan: period of time in which you want to pay off the mortgage. In most common cases, this period ranges from 5 to 30 years
  • frequency installment: period between a payment and the next
  • Interest Rate: annual interest applied to the financing, also called TAN (annual rate), awarded to the lender until the end of the year and therefore independent the frequency of payment of installments

In the form of computer you can choose the length of the loan and the frequency of payment of installments between a number of options that appear to be those most common in today's funding practices. After you put all the data and press return, will be sufficient to know the moments your repayment plan and begin to plan their future in a better way.


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